Tugmaster / Terminal tractor / Roro Tractor

Global Port Equipment is a specialist Terberg supplier. We are the first dealer for the Terberg brand in the Americas and offer a full range of Terberg tractors. Whatever application you need a tractor for, we will have a Tugmaster option that is suitable for you.

This includes:

  • Yard tractors – for container terminals, distribution centres, airports, and more
  • RORO tractors – with 4×4 drive and a swivelling operator’s seat to handle any ramP
  • Terminal tractors – with a 180-degree swivelling seat, reversing is a breeze in our terminal tractors
  • Distribution tractors – a low-cost option that is ideal for distribution centres
  • Road/rail tractors – for tracks from 1 to 1.668 metres
  • Body carriers – agile body carriers with small turning circles

Terberg even offers an electric drive yard tractor to help you reduce running costs even further.

All of the tractor options that we offer come with renowned after sales care from a dedicated team of technicians and customer care specialists. We’ll help you find the right solution for your needs.

Distribution Tractors

Global Port Equipment provides the full range of Terberg DT Series Distribution Tractors including:

  • Terberg DT183LE – 75 tonne GCW distribution tractor
  • Terberg DT223LE – 90 tonne GCW distribution tractor

Terberg’s range of distribution tractors are reliable and easy to maintain but the most important feature is the design of the cab. It is designed to make it as easy and comfortable as possible for the driver to work. This enhances efficiency and will make your operation more productive.

Specifically, the Terberg DT Series range of distribution tractors have a cab floor that is just half a metre from the ground. This low level of entry makes it easy for the driver to get in and out which is particularly beneficial in distribution centres where drivers have to do this frequently.

In addition, the driver can get in and out of the cab equally as easy from either the left or right doors.

Body Carriers

Global Port Equipment can supply you with industry leading swap body carriers from the Terberg BC Series. This includes the Terberg BC182, a swap body carrier with a GCW of 50 tonnes. It is the perfect choice for distribution centres, airports, and more. In fact, the Terberg BC Series is ideal in any location where you need an agile tractor capable of swapping bodies and completing turns in tight turning circles.

We offer the full range of options with Terberg’s swap body carriers. This includes different body types and different methods of locking the body that is being shunted to the vehicle.

An option to handle semitrailers is available too. In this situation, a lifting fifth wheel is fitted to the Terberg body carrier.

Road/Rail Tractors

At Global Port Equipment, we can supply you with robust, low maintenance, and highly efficient road/rail tractors from the industry leading Terberg RR Series. This includes the 6 x 4 Terberg RR282 that can be fitted with a track gauge from 1,000 to 1,668 mm.

Terberg developed its road/rail tractors with Zagro, the German-based railway engineering specialist. This partnership brought together key areas of expertise to create the world’s foremost range of road/rail tractors.

The Terberg RR series has a high GCW and the turning circle is just 14.3 metres. There are even options that can handle semitrailers.

The Terberg RR series is suitable in all situations where the rail tracks are raised from the ground. In locations where the rail tracks are flush with the surface, Terberg’s conventional tractors are often the best choice as they offer even more flexibility.

Roro Tractors

Global Port Equipment offers the full range of Terberg RT Series RoRo Tractors. This includes:

  • Terberg RT223 – 150 tonne GCW electrically powered RoRo tractor with a 160kW engine
  • Terberg RT283 – 165 tonne GCW electrically powered RoRo tractor with a 210kW engine
  • Terberg RT323 – 165 tonne GCW electrically powered RoRo tractor with a 235kW engine
  • Terberg RT403 – 190 tonne GCW RoRo tractor

All the RoRo tractors in the Terberg range are designed for use in modern port facilities. They all have 4WD and are powerful with a robust construction. This makes them perfect for driving up and down ramps, however steep. In addition, there is plenty of room in the cabin and the driver as a 180-degree swivel seat to maximise visibility.

We can also supply a Terberg SafeNeck option with our RoRo tractors. This enhances both safety and capacity when the tractor is handling heavy trailers.

Terminal Tractors

You will find the full range of Terberg TT Series Terminal Tractors at Global Port Equipment. This includes:

  • Terberg TT183 – 55 tonne GCW terminal tractor
  • Terberg TT223 – 65 tonne GCW terminal tractor

Terberg’s terminal tractors are resigned for locations and applications where the Terberg RT Series and Terberg YT Series range are not the best choice. Specifically, they are used in applications that require both agility and the ability to reverse frequently and easily. They are not, however, designed for use on ramps. If you have ramps at your location, you should consider the RT Series instead.

The features of Terberg’s terminal tractors include a swivelling seat to make reversing easier and sliding rear door to make the driver’s work more productive efficient.

Yard Tractors

Global Port Equipment offers the full range of Terberg YT Series Yard Tractors including:

  • Terberg YT182 – 75 tonne GCW yard tractor
  • Terberg YT222 – 90 tonne GCW yard tractor
  • Terberg YT202-EV – 65 tonne GCW electric powered yard tractor

Terberg’s yard tractors are used extensively around the world in container terminals, transport depots, airports, and distribution centres. There are multiple options to choose from so can you get the model you need, including models that are electrically powered.

All Terberg yard tractors are easy to maintain, robust, and offer high levels of driver comfort. They also have excellent safety features.

All yard tractors in the Terberg range offer great visibility from the cab where the driver sits in a forward-facing seat.